Getting to Volcanoes National Park

Hele On Bus
Various locations across Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii offer Hele On Bus transportation services. This public bus system offers regularly scheduled pick-ups throughout the weekdays. While transportation is not available directly inside the park, Hele On Bus makes stops directly outside of it. This bus is available for visitors to take directly from Hilo that leaves from Prince Kuhio Plaza. This bus is completely free of charge and gives you the ability to see the park without having your own method of transportation.

By Airport
When looking to visit Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, visitors typically fly into Hilo and Kona Airports. There are some major airlines that offer flights directly to Kona from the continental United States. Inter-island carriers are available for those traveling from other parts of Hawaii. Once at the airport, take advantage of taxicab or car rental services to get to the National Park.

By Taxicab
Taxicab transportation services are available to take visitors to the Volcanoes National Park. Hop aboard a taxicab, where fully licensed drivers are able to transport you to your desired destination. While this is not the most practical way to see the National Park, it is available for a fee. Simply tell your taxi cab driver where you would like to visit in this large-scale park to see the volcanoes and sights that are open to the public.

By Rental Car
Renting a car to visit Volcanoes National Park is the ideal solution for transportation in the area. Rental cars are available to pick-up at all major airports and surrounding areas. However, rentals are not available directly in the park. Be sure to rent your vehicle before visiting. With a rental car, visitors are able to see the entirety of the park without being tied down to travel expenses and bus time schedules. Because this park is very large, having your own transportation makes it easy to see all of the sights and points of interest that are found here. Motorcycles and bicycles are also available to bring into the park, but cannot be rented on the premises.

By Commercial Tour Bus
There are a number of commercial tour buses in the area that offer trips to Volcanoes National Park. These tour buses with take passengers to all of the major points of interest within the park. Those who would rather not navigate themselves should take advantage of this method of transportation.